Monday, March 13, 2006

Mark Seemann has a blog

My good friend (and former colleague back when I did consultancy work in the happy dot-com era) Mark has a blog about .NET design and programming. Read it! Mark is a lot better writer that I am, and he knows this stuff. Personally I don't understand half of what he is writing about, but that is more an issue with my lack of .NET knowledge that the quality of the contributions.

We actually meet each other back when both of us studied economics at the University of Copenhagen. If I remember correctly it was a class in game theory, and as usual Mark had to explain the finer details to me.

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ploeh said...

Thank you - you are being too modest. I can't imagine that it would have been necessary to explain anything technical to you :)

IIRC, we spent most of our time in class discussing literature - fiction, that is, not at all related to game theory.

Good to see you on the blogosphere!